Tuesday, August 14, 2012


    We have talked about the traffic before. You may think we are exaggerating. No, we're not. It can be one of the most terrifying experiences to drive for the first time over here. You are afraid for your life until you get the hang of it and then it becomes a challenge.
    I love it when I can cut off a Jeppney or a Bus. They think because I drive a car, I won't challenge them. Well, I will.
    We came down to the parking garage the other day and I told Sister Hadlock that my blood sugar was low and she would have to drive. Can you believe she thought I was making it up? 
I gave her the keys and away we went.

It was raining pretty hard and the monsoons had been going on for several days.  I'm glad her first attempt was with few people on the road.

She did it and we made it back to the office and back home with her driving. Good Job!

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