Sunday, July 7, 2013


  It has been months since we worked directly with the wheelchair program. But it continues to be a big part of what LDS Charities does.

This member is part of the Angono Ward that meets in the same building that our Tayuman Ward meets. But word spreads when someone is in need. He has been a Tricycle driver for most of his life to provide for his family. But just a short time ago he had a stroke. I am still amazed at how many people have strokes in this country. And I have seen it even in 20 something year-olds.
As you can see he is grateful for the opportunity to move about and especially outside. Elder French is behind him and has been very helpful in finding, assessing and fitting individuals for wheelchairs. 

  Elder French's Teresa Ward is the next stop in this P-day adventure. This lady is in his ward and has had a similar issue. Her appreciation is shown in her heartfelt tears to her Heavenly Father for such a wonderful gift of hope.
  We have truly taken for granted all the wonderful things we have in this country of ours and the great blessings we have because we live there. In the Philippines, this is a major blessing in a family's lives. It changes the dynamics to such a large degree. They can now live a more normal life.

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