Sunday, July 7, 2013


  WWII left scares to country and infrastructure. But no scares are bigger that what it left on the people that survived it.

   While at the American Cemetery, we had the opportunity to meet this 96 year old man. He had been captured by the Japanese and held in a prison camp. He is dressed in a traditional loin cloth and hat with a cane that helps him to move very slowly. He also had with him a framed picture of an American Airman that was with him in the prison camp and was liberated at the same time.

   US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. took time to meet and converse with him through an interpreter. The older gentleman spoke a dialect I had not heard before.
   I can't even imagine what the war left with him. He was one of only a few that survived the camp and even now one of the very few that are still alive to remind us.

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