Sunday, July 28, 2013


  We have now been back in the States for 5 weeks. A very long 5 weeks. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts.
  When we left the Philippines we did not know what would present itself for the short term future. We had been told that Becky may only have a short time. Even after several visits to the Doctors and various scans, tests and labs had been ran, we were still confused as to prognosis.
   This last Thursday helped to put things into perspective. We would able to again meet with Dr. Samuelson and have an "at length" discussion that included everything from diagnosis to treatment. He answered the questions that were most on our minds and gave us a better understanding of "the now and the future" of this beast called cancer.

Immediately following our appointment with the Doctor, Becky "got connected" to what will be a weekly event.. She was first given Benadryl to avert any problems with the drug infusion. She then received her first infusion of Torisel.
She has a smile on her face and hope in her heart. I have been a fortunate man to have such a wonderful lady as a companion for over 44 years. She lights up my days and gives great meaning to my life.
We now have a greater hope for the future as we have a better understanding of what is happening. But we still understand that this new adventure is a time to learn more about ourselves and our Father in Heavens plan for us.
We have much more to do and more life to do it with. Time to get started.

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  1. So Steve, What did the prognosis say?, you say more time, and more life, so is there more hope?, Please let me know.