Sunday, July 7, 2013


 July 1st will bring a new Mission President to the Quezon City Philippines Mission. President and
Sister DeLaMare will be completing their mission and returning to Taylorsville, Utah.

We arrived at the Mission Home to beautifully decorated tables to begin the conference.

We had all of the Senior Missionaries in attendance for the Zone Conference.

The DeLaMares started off the evening with a welcome, instruction and off to the Buffet to fill us up.

They gave wonderful instruction on things we can do to support the local wards and branches we are assigned to. Then we heard from them on a farewell to all as they prepare to head home. The Senior Missionaries presented them with a few gifts to remember the great leadership they gave us.

And as always, a group photo to capture the event. The Senior Missionaries groups is still growing but more are needed.
We truly love the DeLaMares and the wonderful legacy they left as Mission Presidents extraordinaire. (Boy I'm glad I had spell check on that word.)
It won't be long and we will see them again in Utah. We all wish you well.

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