Sunday, January 20, 2013


   Something I have discovered among the Senior Missionaries is how useful they feel when in the mission field. After many years of service in a home ward, they are not utilized as much and feel less needed.
  Most often they feel they can be only be of help in Temple Service, Genealogy or as local Service Missions, but many hold themselves back in these responsibilities for a variety of reasons.
  May I suggest that you younger members of the congregations take an opportunity to build a relationship with a mature member of the ward. You will be amazed at the response you will get and the wisdom you will acquire. Many of these individuals also need the friendship and caring.
  In the mission field seniors are an extremely valuable asset and make a big difference in the success of the work of the Lord. If you are one of these seniors I speak about, consider a mission. It can be local, close by or far away. The need for Senior Missionaries is great and the need is increasing every day.
  Well, back to the topic of this blog.
  A few weeks ago in church, I was asked by Bishop Urbano if I would confirm a new member of the church. Absolutely! I love these opportunities. But in my enthusiasm, I hope I am not taking away from the experience that another Priesthood holder would have to grow their testimony.

  The person to be confirmed was the father of this family. His name is Jethro Villa. He has been taking the discussions with the young Elder missionaries and has grown rapidly in the Gospel. My first opportunity with the family was when Sister Villa bore her testimony. She is strong and committed to the gospel. Her goal is to be a Senior Missionary someday with her husband.
  I always take a moment before I give a blessing and ask that the Spirit will instruct me to say those words that are appropriate for the individual. As I began the confirmation, a marvelous spirit began to direct the words that I said to him in the blessing. The blessing given him was to prepare himself for those Priesthood assignments that are coming. That he has been foreordained to be a leader in the Priesthood and direct affairs in the Lord's Church. I could visually see him conducting a meeting from a pulpit as the presiding authority. This is a man destined to become a leader in the future. The prayer cautioned him to prepare and be ready for those coming events. I saw his wife and children there in an obvious position of support and love. I could also feel the love that he had for his family.
  After the meeting I found him and told him of my experience and told him to write down his feelings and thoughts when he got home. I instructed him also to review what he was going to write when he feels the challenges and difficulties of life when Satan is trying to slow his progress. He promised me that he would.
  We have had a very strong connection since that day. These feelings should exist with every man as he works in his Priesthood Quorum.
  To me it is evident that we have a responsibility to others to help them in every way we can. Their growth in the gospel depends on it.

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  1. What a sweet testimony of the service that we are both, presently, privileged to render. We agree 100% with everything you said. I have told our mission president over and over again that the "answer" to the problems here in Honduras is to get 100 senior couples down here. We have 96 wards and branches supported by missionaries right now. One couple per branch would do wonders. We are constantly amazed at how many members trust us to teach their friends and neighbors. They treat us differently than the younger missionaries. The leadership, example, and energy that a couple can render is what is lacking in Honduras. We pray every day that others will come. Being the only senior couple in this country has been both wonderful and hard. May the Lord continue to bless you in your work. We'll see you in 15 months.