Sunday, January 27, 2013


  We spent some time a month ago here with a group of college students to do assessing of children for our intermediate or specialty wheelchairs. It was a great opportunity and we are planning now to go back with the completed wheelchairs and fit each child individually.
  In our weekly planning meeting back then, we discussed how we did and what can we do in the future to make it easier for the caregivers in this facility. Elder Bautista suggested that we give them some of the supportive wheelchairs for use in the facility. This is not a common practice. We assess and give a wheelchair to an individual.
  However, it felt right. We took a morning and got 5 supportive wheelchairs from the Ft. Bonifacio Marines warehouse and delivered them. These wheelchairs have been in our inventory for a long time and finding a great use for them made it very worthwhile.

This orphanage and school in located in the foothills in the Rizal Province. We love every time we go here.
The five wheelchairs are going to be put to great use. As the children arrive at the school, they can be transported in these wonderful chariots to the rooms where they will learn and be taken care of.
You can see that they have a head rest and a seat belt to secure them. A very safe wheelchair for this environment.
Elder Bautista joins me in this adventure. The Catholic Father of the organization loves what has been donated to their group. The children will benefit greatly as well as the caregivers and teachers.

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