Tuesday, January 1, 2013


  The Christmas season starts early in the Philippines. We started to hear Christmas music and see trees and ornaments for sale back in September. They love Christmas and really prolong the season
  The traffic in the Manila area really spikes during November and December as people outside the area come to do their Christmas shopping. Decorations are everywhere as people express their delight in the season.
  One of the negatives is that they go into debt to buy gifts and throw parties for friends and family. One can not be out done by someone else's party. Hum, kind of sounds familiar. But most's income here makes it very hard to pay back later.
  This party is with a ward in the Quezon City South Stake. They had about 300 members come both active and in-active. It's a great time to invite everyone for a fun time and fellow shipping.

As the evening began, all the children were invited up front to have a better view of all the proceedings. The church party's we have attended are all about fun, dance and singing. This one falls into that mold.
Each organization put on  a presentation. This is the Young Women doing a dance to their favorite music.
This is a role play from "Twilight". The singers really did a great job. Karaoke is popular here and we hear a lot of beautiful voices.
This is Jimmy Albos (works in the Real Estate Dept in our office) and his wife playing the roles in "Grease". They were really fun to watch.
Members of every age attended including this older man in traditional Filipino attire. You can see that he has lost a leg, but that didn't deter him from coming.
As is usual, Sister Hadlock has found a wonderful family with a beautiful baby. We had a great time and enjoyed interacting with all the families. Many of the families had either a Dad or Mom that works with us in the Philippine Area Office. It's fun to see them outside the office and to get to know their families.

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  1. The service you two render is so touching. We look at those pictures of the kids who have so little and yet they beam with happiness and it makes us grateful to be a part of a gospel that does so much for so many. We love following your blog. Keep up the amazing work.