Sunday, January 27, 2013


  I have had technical problems with our Blog over the past month. After having consulted many individuals and IT people in our building, I finally got the resolution when my son Rich was able to take the controls through 'Go to Meeting' and has resolved the problem. Thanks to Rich and others who have tried to help my cause.
  Now that I am back in business, I will have a lot of posting coming your way. Thanks for the patience in keeping up with us here in the Philippines.
I have had many requests from ward members for someone in the Tayuman Ward or a relative or a close friend that needs help with mobility. This request involved an inactive man in the Elder's Quorum. He came asking for help for his Mother and Grandmother. He is in front of his home located on the edge of Laguna Bay. He lives here with his Grandmother of 86 years. I had taken pictures of her, but Wham, they disappeared. They live in this 10 by 10 hut on stilts. In the event of long term rains, the water comes up to under the hut. I assessed her and found a walker would be her biggest help right now.

His Mother is 64 and the focus of this picture. She lives about 60 feet away on higher ground. This allows a more conventional home with concrete floors. It is too small to allow the wheelchair to go inside, so we also give her a walker for inside use. Others in the picture include Elder Raiwalui and Elder McDonald, along with other family members. The wheelchair given actually fits both the mother and the grandmother and can be used by both for trips beyond their home.

Sister Hadlock is always finding children to have fun with. This little boy made her day.
 The mother demonstrated that she could do well with the walker, but she tires quickly. She now has the option for near and far. Far meaning to go to the doctor. The French's accompanied us when we returned to give the walkers.
Four generations will benefit from the items we were able to help with. But a big by product is that the Brother in the Elder's Quorum came to church the next week and sat with me. He is a good man, but like others, needs to feel wanted and feel the love of our Father in Heaven. This past week he was able to feel both.

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