Tuesday, November 13, 2012


  The new program with the Rotary is working very well. We are doing great trainings and we are placing a lot of wheelchairs from these events.
  This training in Mandaluyoung City is the last of three events close to our offices in Quezon City. We have trained 42 participants and assessed 28 disabled persons, most of which received a wheelchair at the close of our trainings.

We trained at an LDS Chapel on Shaw Ave. This is a favorite place to train and I can now see why.
They have everything we need to do a great training. The building is convenient and close for participants, has a large parking lot with stairs and ramp for teaching, and has all the correct tables and equipment for our trainings.
This class consisted of 12 participants from Rotary Clubs, Zonta Clubs and a motorcycle club (our first). There were eager and fun to be with. They did very well in all the activities we have them do.
And a first, five of the participants got 100% on my test. Sister Hadlock thinks it is too hard. Goes to
show ya, they came step up to the task.
We had 14 disabled people show up for assessing, all in this little open bus. They also had family members come with them.
We gathered them all into the cultural hall and began to assess them. We had four that did not need a wheelchair and one that was able to use a walker. We do not want to put them in a wheelchair before their time or the ability to walk is lost prematurely.
This man was thrilled as we fit him into a 14 inch Rough Rider wheelchair. He couldn't talk, but we all know what thumbs up means.
Graduation is a fun time. But I really had a hard time giving the certificate to Orindo (the guy in the red shirt). He's a lawyer !!

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