Sunday, November 4, 2012


  OK a little play on words.
  When I got to church, I had the Bishop approach me and ask is I would be willing to give a baby a name and blessing. Without hesitation I said 'Yes'. I had always been taught that if you when asked to help, you said yes.
  After a quick response, I though of the fact that I was fortunate for such an opportunity.
  This little baby girl of Ruth Abasta will be named Lianelle Abasta. She is a beautiful little girl and comes to a single mom, but is well loved by Mom, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.

The Mom is the young lady in the stripped top and the Grandmother is holding the child.
After the meeting was over I went to the Mom and reviewed with her what was said under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. I encouraged her to go home and write down what she had heard and what her thoughts were of the day. The Lord had given her some instructions and writing them down would help her remember her responsibilities as per directions from the Spirit.
It never gets old to do something special when asked. As a missionary, this happens often.

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