Wednesday, December 26, 2012


   North of us about 5 to 6 hours drive in the province of Pangasinan, is the city of Dagupan. It is close to the area called "100 Islands". For those that saw "Bourne Legacy", it is the area where they sailed away at the closing of the show. By the way, the show really captured the flavor of what the area around Metro Manila is like.

   We had been working with Rhyza Ventenilla (public affairs for the church) and Greg Karganilla (Stake President for Dagupan Stake) on helping them supply wheelchairs to members and non-members for a family event in September. Because of every imaginable problem we could encounter, we could only supply 13 wheelchairs for that event. After a new shipment of wheelchairs arrived, we were able to supply the remaining 22 wheelchairs that they had requested. They invited us to the event and asked me to be the keynote speaker. This group has all 22 recipients and their families ready for the program. We were scheduled to start at 4pm, but they were ready to begin 3pm. They were eager and anxious. That gave us ample time to visit and get to know many of the families that came.

This is a great picture of all the wheechairs prepared and ready to be awarded. The man in the picture is Rossel Capuli from the Dagupan area with DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development). He is a wheelchair technician trained by us to do assessing in the Dagupan area. He is not a member of the church but is one of the kindness and most humble men I have ever met. Because we were not able to do a training to supply more technicians in this area, Rossel completed all the necessary assessments to make this event happen. My wholehearted thanks and appreciation go to him for his wonderful service and dedication to this work with the disabled.

President Rollroyce Peralta, a member of the Stake Presidentcy, started off the event. Christmas carols were sung and appreciation given to everyone present.
This beautiful young lady was so anxious to get her wheelchair that all she could do was smile and giggle.

Each person waited their turn until their name was read. Then they were presented the wheelchair that was prepared for them. This dear lady was so grateful.

Each person presented a completed certificate that showed that their 40 hours of community service were completed. No money is charged to the individual for the wheelchair, but we request 40 hours of community service to be done. The service can be done by them, their family, their friends and neighbors. The service gives them true ownership and not just a hand out. You would be amazed at the way that this simple service can change lives.
Oh, it is finally this young ladies turn and a red one to boot. Each family expresses their appreciation and we defer the gratefulness to our Heavenly Father that provides all. We are just a tool to help those in need. We are so grateful we got to witness the true joy of giving during this wonderful Christmas season.

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