Sunday, December 16, 2012


   Even though we already have had one Christmas party, we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with President DeLaMare. Christmas activities start very early in the Philippines with parties starting the first part of November. Most of the Senior Missionaries in our zone were there for the event. I will introduce you to the couples we work with the most.

This is President DeLaMare and his wife. They are Mission Presidents of the Quezon City Philippines mission to which we are assigned. They are from Taylorsville Utah. He will be released this coming June.
This is Elder Roger Hardick and Sister Johanna Hardick. The are from Alberta Canada and serve as the country directors of Humanitarian Services. We work directly with and under them in our assignment. We will be taking their position starting in January. They head home to the great white north on January 22nd.
Far left is another Canadian, Elder Jensen. He and his wife work in member leadership support in one of the provinces outside the Metro Manila area. Next to him are the Bell's from California. We see them everyday as they work with PEF (Perpetual Education Fund) within the same office area. They are heading home on Tuesday after a very successful time spent here. They also help in organizing and carrying out the repacking projects of food during the calamities.
Elder and Sister Hull are from the Lehi Utah area. He is a retired seminary teacher. They work with PEF also in Manila. I have to mention the great blessing the PEF is to members of the church here and to the building up of leadership that is still quite young.
This is Sister Marcia French (Area Mental Health Director) and her husband Elder Jeffrey French. They have become dear friends. We really have enjoyed their company in several things we have done together.
Elder and Sister Bailey have only been here a few weeks. Their assignment is with Public Affairs. They are from the Highland area of Salt Lake City. He is retired from the Church were he worked in the Real Estate Dept.
The Millers work in the Mission Office doing all the finances. He's the guy that puts money into my account every month. Got to keep a good friendship here.
We had a wonderful time at our Thanksgiving dinner that we shared with so many.

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