Sunday, December 23, 2012


  Elder Bautista works with us on the assessing and placing of the intermediate wheelchairs. He and his wife are wonderful and dedicated Service Missionaries. He is also a Sealer at the Temple. Working with strong leaders like him makes what we do more enjoyable and meaningful.
  He has been approached by one of our assessors about the need for wheelchairs at an orphanage and school in the City of Rodriquez out in the Rizal Province. It is about an hour and one half drive from the office. It lies in the foothills of the mountains and a beautiful place to visit.
  They have 15 children to be assessed for our specialty type wheelchairs. Children with many disabilities, but mostly Cerebral Palsy.
  The institution is under the Catholic Church and under the direction of a wonderful Priest that is here from Romania. He has many volunteers that help in both the care and schooling of these children and many more that come here daily to learn.


Going with us are students from De Laselle University in the Physical Therapy program. There professors are also with us. The professors are certified technicians for our intermediate program and the students are here for a hands on experience.

These professors have been very dedicated to our program and are very proactive in finding and assessing those that need help. We couldn't get very much accomplished if it weren't for there help.
The man in the blue shirt is Marcos. He comes here from northern Italy close to Milano. He is serving here to see if service to these needy children is his life's work. He is most patient and very thoughtful with the children.
I have never seen Marcos without a smile. I would say he has found something very satisfying to be engaged in. For when you loose yourself in service to others, you find yourself. He is surrounded by two of the children that are healthy, but have been abandoned by their families because they can not afford to raise them. With the assessments completed we head home but we will be back to deliver the wheelchairs
This area of the Philippines is very green and beautiful. Being surrounded by concrete everyday in the city makes this even more special. I am definitely a county boy.

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