Sunday, September 9, 2012


   A meeting had been arranged for us to meet the Chief of Staff for the Vice President of the Philippines. We made our way into Manila to the NBP (National Bank of the Philippines) building were the Vice President has his offices. The NBP is a government ran bank, thus federal offices located there. Our meeting was an information gathering meeting regarding a desire the Vice President had to get wheelchairs to the disabled in his country. Jojomar C Binoy is know as the 'Working Vice President'. He is very active in many areas of government such as calamities, social programs, and home projects for the displaced families. He always wants to be the first on site to observe the problems.
   We met Rosalie R. Licauco in her 7th story office. Her office runs all the Administration, Finances and Social Programs of the Philippines assigned to the Vice President. They have a shortfall in funding of programs in Social Welfare. This is a common problem whether it is federal, provincial or city government.
  Our meeting started with introductions. She then asked 'What can we do for you?' It was apparent that she had not been recently briefed as to what our meeting was about. We began by explaining what LDS Charities is all about. Elder Misalucha, the Area Welfare Director and Area Seventy, gave all the details of the initiatives LDS Charities is involved in. Before the meeting was completed, she understood the question from us was 'What can we do for you?'. She regularly gets requests from individuals or families of the needy for wheelchairs.
  We offered our services and she responded favorably. She will send the requests to us and we will do the assessing and delivery to the PWD.
   I am always amazed at what doors are being opened in the Philippines to introduce them to LDS Charities and the LDS Church.

This is a photo of the seal of the Vice President's Office just as you enter the outer offices.

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