Sunday, September 30, 2012


   Back in August, the Senior Missionaries had planned a day to visit local sites of interest. Because of the bad weather, it was rescheduled just 2 weeks ago. We had 18 Senior Missionaries pack into 2 vans and away we went. Our trip took us very close to where we meet for church each Sunday at the Tayuman Ward in the City of Angono.

The first stop was on top of the mountain above Angono, known as the Art Capital of the Philippines. We crested the summit and now have a view on the other side. This area is Tanay, the location of a branch we first attended. The body of water is Laguna Bay. It is a dead body of water like the Great Salt Lake. It has no outlet. The water is quite spread out from the torrential rains a month ago. Many people still can not return to their homes and it may be months yet. Receding water only happens with evaporation.
We arrive at the site of the Angono Petroglyphs not long after our first stop. It is beautiful in this area and not a long distance from Manila.
The site of the petroglyphs is accessed by this tunnel specifically built for that purpose.
The site is an overhang rock formation that has served as a protection for the drawings. In 1965 Carlos V Francisco was leading a group of Boy Scouts for an adventure in the area. They were going to use the area they discovered as shelter because of the protection it provided. Originally there was a vegetative curtain hanging down that provided an area of safety. Upon there return, Carlos reported his finding to the Philippine Government. Research discovered that the art is of the 3000 BC period and the oldest drawings of any kind in the Philippines.
This man is the curator of the site and is employed by the National Museum of the Philippines. Many discoveries have been made at this site that gives information of the people that lived here. Such things as tools and pottery give us glimpse into the past.
Here is an example of the artwork that was left thousands of years ago. People rediscovering themselves after the Tower of Babel era.
Our next stop was in the Antipolo area at a location known as Taktak Falls. It is a 'State Park' and well maintained. It is also a very beautiful area and the area chosen for lunch. You have to feed the Senior Missionaries or they get totally out of hand.
We really had a great time. Spending time with other Senior Missionaries is always good. Some of the Seniors don't have the opportunities we have and they need they chance to be together.

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