Thursday, September 20, 2012


  The next day we completed an approved project of food and hygiene and water delivery to the Barangay of San Miguel. This area was shown in a previous post as we gathered information on the need of the people in this area.
  The monsoon rains had flooded this area and it will probably be months before this area is dried out. Affected were close to 2000 families. We delivered the above items in 3 large trucks. I watched the locals for negative effects from the still high and stagnant water.  Many diseases are the after effect of the flooding and standing water. Fortunately I did not notice any problems.

We arrived to a long line of people waiting for the supplies we were bringing. They were notified that we were coming to allow the workers to be prepared. Many families sent representatives to pick their items up. Some were at work and others were unable due to disabilities of even age.
Becky was greeting many of the residents of the area and preparing for the distribution.
We were notified by Channel 5 TV that they wanted to do a piece on our project. We are always willing to recognize the work of LDS Charities. Most programs are very positive about the work we do. We are happy for their participation with us.
Once a Grandma, always a Grandma. Neither of us can resist the presence of the young children. They are beautiful and mostly very friendly. However, they are always puzzled by the light skin and white hair.
The Barangay workers prepare for the event by furnishing a coupon to each family to verify the receipt of the items and avoid duplication. With the help on 8 young Elder Missionaries, we collect the coupons and distribute the food. This young lady has received the first bag as she moves to the next truck for other items.
   I have never heard so many 'Thank Yous" or in their language "Salamet Po" in a single day of my life. However, the older the person, the more gratitude they had.
   It took 4 hours to complete the work and then prepare to head home.
   This was our first opportunity to do the distribution and what a wonderful experience. I truly know that Service brings Joy.

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