Thursday, June 20, 2013


  The next day we were able to see other beautiful sites and a project before returning to Manila.
  We first headed to the furthest site away with the intent of working our way back to Tagbilarin City for our flight home. Tagbiliran City is the capital city of Bohol.

  We traveled about and hour and a half to our first site of the day. The 'Chocolate Hills' are a much traveled to site. They are limestone formations that were created while the land mass was under the sea. During the rainy season, the vegetation is all green.

But in the summer months of March, April and May, the tops of each mound turn brown due to lake of rain. It gives the appearance of chocolate. It is a beautiful site and I am glad we were able to see it.

Another interesting area on the return was the Man Made Forest. Over the years school children have been planting Mahogany trees in an area that didn't have much foliage. I couldn't find a very good picture since I was taking photos through the windshield. But you get what you pay for. It has become a very dense area for foliage and now jungle like in appearance.
The next stop was at the Philippine Tasier Preserve. This is the smallest known primate and is near extinction. Some call it the smallest monkey in the world buy the term is not quite accurate.
It is about 4 inches tall and would easily fit into my hand. They are nocturnal and feed on a diet of insects. Its natural predator is a snake. According to the people at the preserve they use their long tall to move quickly through the forests. Even though they are quick they are an endangered species. As we went on the tour the guides would tell us their name and age. Apparently they come back to the very same branch to sleep on each day. They have fingers like a tree frog and con really get a grip.  If we would disturb them they would slowly open they eyes just like a little kid and give you that "What?" expression. You know what I mean, just ask a teenager.

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