Saturday, June 22, 2013


  Being in the right place and being prepared will bring many opportunities to use the Priesthood.
  As we got to church on 5-5, I was preparing for fast meeting and enjoying the time in reflection of all the marvelous opportunities that have come our way.
  The meeting started with the usual song, prayer and announcements. Then they began to do the confirmations and baby blessings. As I looked up Bishop Urbano said, "Elder Hadlock, Sister Salgado would like you to confirm her a member of the church". OK, then.
  As I approached the stand I felt how fortunate to be asked to help. This young lady had felt the Spirit as she was taught and could not deny it. She is the only one in her family to join the church and will probably feel some rejection from her family. Following the direction the Lord has prepared for us is not always easy. For some it is a big challenge.

"Sister Aliza Yule Salgado, In the name of Jesus Christ............................". As I finished, I felt such an overwhelming feeling of Peace. Doing the Lord's work is such a joy. Whether a blessing or a major project in helping the poor, the end result is always the same. A wonderful feeling of peace for doing good to others.

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