Wednesday, May 29, 2013


   Following the Vision Project trip, we went with Manny to see how all the children are doing at Mabuhay Deseret. Many have graduated from their care and others are new and awaiting their opportunity for a better life.
    Mabuhay is a partner that does more than Vision in helping the poor and needy in the Philippines. We refer 1 to 2 children weekly to be screened with the hope that they can receive help to improve their life.

We met this young man several months ago prior to his surgery for club feet. The surgeries were successful and now he is getting ready to go home with his fitted braces. He can't run yet, but he gets around wonderfully.
This young man had brain surgery that helped to correct his eyes and other issues he was having. He has a four inch scare on the back of his head. And me being me, I rubbed his head not thinking I could have hurt him. Fortunately, he just laughed at me.
This your lady came in with a large part of her body being burnt. She has had over 30 surgeries and is only weeks from going home. She is in one of my early blogs that shows how bad the burns were.
This little guy is too young to have the surgery done for clef lip and pallet, but it won't be long until he will get a remake.
This little guy is getting all the x-rays done as he prepares for his club feet to be corrected. His is now walking and running on the sides of his feet. What a funny guy. Boy is he going to be mad when he wakes up one day and won't be able to walk. But for the long haul, he will be better off after the correction is done.
This young lady is another candidate for clef lip and pallet surgery and will need to be a little older also before the correction is done.
As a treat to us, the children had prepared many songs for us. We all joined in as the feeling of love and concern for each other filled us to the top.
Sister Hadlock got the question, "Do you know how to make bread?". She said she did. "Would you come over and teach the children to make it?' Yip, we get to go back real soon.
Being around these wonderful children help keep us grounded as to what we really need in life. So often we want so many things, but all we really need is "To Love" and "To Be Loved".

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