Saturday, May 11, 2013


  Dr. Call spent time collaborating with Ophthalmologists at Philippines South Medical Center. He also gave a lecture on ptosis surgery. That is the lifting of the eyelids that droop over time and interfere with sight. He ended up seeing several patients with their doctors during the course of our visit.
It is not easy to see on this patient, but she has a tumor behind one eye and can't move the eye very far in any direction. This causes double vision unless she is looking straight forward. There is also the possibility of a malignancy.
 This young lady has a large growth protruding from her face. Even though the eye is functional, the eyelid only slightly opens. Dr. Call thinks the growth is entirely outside the orbit and can be repaired.
This young man had trauma from a motorcycle accident and received only emergency treatment. The eye can't close and the sight is very blurry. Surgery can help with the lid closing, but the blurriness will need to be seen by another specialist.
It is hard to see from this angle of the photo but the eye on the right is extended out from the face about an inch and a half. It looks like one of those aliens in Star Wars. His eye moves very well, but it looks strange being a distance from the face. His biggest complaint is pain and it is getting worse.
Upon birth this young man's eyelids did not close together as they should. Dr. Call said this is very common and can be corrected by a simple surgery. He will joint the flaps together and repair the lid.
This young man has a tumor behind his left eye that might be malignant. A surgery can remove the growth and realign the eye. If the tumor proves to be cancerous, chemo will need to be started.
Unfortunately, Dr. Call was not able to perform surgery in Davao. With early submissions of his credentials, we are hopeful he can return to do surgeries next time.
    Well after work was done, the Ophthalmology Department surprised us with a wonderful meal. The roasted pig is called Lechon and is very tasteful. All the trimmings were served and we really had a feast. Wow, we get fed a lot here.

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